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tradeplumbing.co.uk mark Child Safety Week with expert advice on keeping children safe in the home

tradePlumbing.co.uk, one of the UK’s leading bathroom and kitchen plumbing retailers,

have added a valuable series of informative articles on Safety in the Home to their online

information bank in conjunction with Child Safety Week this week.


Child Safety Week is the Child Accident Prevention Trust’s flagship annual community

education campaign with an aim to raise awareness of the number of accidents that

seriously injure or kill children every year and the steps we can take to help prevent them.

Each of the Safety in the Home features centre on a different area of concern, from the

importance of thermostatic valves in the shower to reduce the risk of scalding children, to the

dos and don’ts of introducing electrics to the bathroom and teaching children safety around

electricity without wrapping them up in cotton wool. Other features include the dangers of carbon monoxide and how to reduce the

risk of poisoning for the whole family and making the bathroom a safe place for children and those with mobility difficulties.


Managing Director of tradeplumbing, Murray Wilson says, “Accidental injury is one of

the biggest killers of children in the UK, second only to cancer. We want our children to

lead active lives and to experiment, play and take risks. However, if we are aware of the

seemingly innocuous dangers that lurk around us we can keep our children safe without

denying them the freedom to play and have fun. Our Safety in the Home series is packed full

of essential tips and advice to help our customers to reduce and avoid accidents and make

the home a safe place for all the family.”


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